Friday, January 2, 2009

Naukasana is a traditional posture. Its reference is not found in old Yoga-Texts but tradition is old. In the final position of this Asana, the body resembles the form of a boat, hence, it is named Naukasana.
Technique :-
Take supine position with legs together, hands together by the side of the body, palm resting on the ground.
Slowly raise your legs together;simultaneously, raise the head and trunk also, and stop at 45° angle.
While returning to the original position first place your trunk and head on the ground.
Now slowly bring down your legs and hands and lie on the ground as in the first position.
Remember :-
Do not bend legs at the knee.
Release the Asana before you get pain in abdominal muscles.
Benefits and Limitations :-
This Asana is more useful in Diabetese and Dyspepsia.
Those suffering from hypertension, heart disease an lumbar spondilitis should not practise it.

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